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Argan Oil for Nails and Cuticles

Argan Oil for Nails and Cuticles

It can be embarrassing to have damaged nails or not adequately taken care of, which could affect your overall appearance and elegance.

We sometimes place a great deal of exclusive focus on our skin, hair, and face and often disregard our nails. However, we shouldn’t forget that our nails are vital to our health because they can display some health problems.

Thus, we need to pay attention to them by giving them the best care possible.

Here is how you would know if you have healthy nails:

  • They have no bridges and no peeling.
  • They are smooth with no pits or grooves.
  • They have no puffiness or redness to their fold.
  • The base of your fingernails is half-moon-shaped.
  • They don’t break easily. They are healthy all the time.
  • They have a pinkish-white colour and are uniform in colour.
  • They have no discoloration, dark or yellow lines and no white spots.

Here is how you would know if you have unhealthy nails:

  • Exhibiting unexplained pain.
  • Separating from the nail bed.
  • Brittle, soft or weak or yellow nails.
  • Have dark streaks or white streaks/ spots.
  • Bleeding, swollen with redness around them.
  • Becoming too thick or too thin and being pitted.
  • Curling or clubbing and changes in their shape.
  • Pitting, ridging, peeling or grooving of fingernails.
  • The base of your fingernail is not half-moon-shaped.
Argan Oil for Nails and Cuticles

Our nails are made of the same substance as our hair, known as Keratin. While heat, chemicals, and hormonal changes affect Keratin hugely, other factors make your nails dry, brittle or damaged.

These include:

  • Biting and picking your cuticles.
  • Wearing nail polish for too long.
  • Not enough iron in your body and lack of vitamin B.
  • Exposure to cleaning products like household products.
  • Overuse of hand sanitizers and Acetone from nail polish.
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear, or if you don’t change your socks regularly.

Facts about artificial nails and how they affect your natural nails:

  • Having short, brittle, or broken nails are why some people use artificial nails.
  • You may develop an allergic reaction based on what the artificial nails are made of.
  • While fake nails look good and stunning, they may cause more harm than good, including damaging the underlying nail and the surrounding cuticle.
  • A broken fake nail may create a gap between your nail and the artificial nail. This creates the right environment, moisture, and warmth for the infection to flourish.

How to keep your nails healthy and strong?

  • Stay hydrated and practice good nail hygiene at all times. If your nails are not routinely cleaned, fungi or bacteria can grow. Also, follow a protein diet to improve your nails’ overall health.
  • Trim your long nails regularly, and don’t leave them to become long, especially if you suffer from brittle nails. This is because shorter nails are not prone to becoming brittle and breakable.
  • Avoid using nail care products that contain toluene or formaldehyde. These products are full of harmful chemicals damaging to your nails and skin.
  • Avoid pulling off hang-nails, biting your nails and cuticle picking. Bacteria or fungi use these minor cuts to penetrate your skin.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers on your nails because they have drying effects and make your nails brittle.
    Moisturize nails and cuticles using products from a natural source. This avoids chapped nails, peeling cuticles, nail hanging, and cuticle picking.
  • Keep your nails trimmed and moist regularly, and ensure you trim and file them when soft, especially after a bath or shower.
  • Refrain from overusing nail-polish removers as they may damage your nails’ healthy tissue.
  • Apply Argan Oil regularly, especially before bedtime, to prevent cuticle peeling and nail cracking.
  • Practice safe filling of your nails at all times using clean tools, and file them in one direction.
  • Use gloves when washing dishes or when using chemicals such as detergents.
  • When gardening, wear gloves to avoid cross-contamination of certain bacteria or microbes that may get into your nail bed.

Check these foods that take care of your nails.

It is also crucial to integrate types of foods that strengthen your nails into your diet. These include blueberries, strawberries, bananas, spinach, broccoli, kale, and lean meats like turkey, chicken, and beef.

Beautiful nails may become brittle when they are exposed to harmful drying chemicals. One of the most drying and damaging chemicals is Acetone, used in nail polish. People who go for manicures and pedicure treatments regularly are mostly affected.

Many people regularly get manicures and pedicures as cosmetic touch-ups. However, they may not be aware that the chemicals used for this treatment, such as Acetone, can damage their nail health and skin.

Argan Oil for Nails and Cuticles

Here are some of the adverse effects of those chemicals:

  • They dry the skin surrounding your nails, the nail plate and cuticles.
  • They irritate your cuticles and make them flaky, red and even inflamed.
  • They dry your nails out, making them thin and severely brittle. Thus, they easily crack or split.
  • They weaken your nails’ main component, Keratin, the protein your nails are made of.

Argan Oil works magic to help your fingernails and toenails thrive and stay strong.

This precious oil contains many healthy nutrients vital to your nail growth and strength. These much-needed nutrients for your nails include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3 and -6, essential fatty

These nutrients of Argan Oil strengthen your nails by:

  • Helping them become revitalized while restoring their natural strength.
  • Helping your nails thrive, stay healthier, strong and better looking.
  • Helping damaged and brittle nails to heal and grow.
  • Providing them with healthy nutrients that help them grow.
  • Softening your nails to prevent having brittle and breakable nails.
  • Moisturizing, hydrating and keeping them nourished and better looking.
  • Revitalizing them while restoring their strength and repairing damaged, cracked cuticles.
  • Keeping them well hydrated and protected while moisturizing and softening them.
  • Preventing them from becoming dull and brittle while maintaining and nourishing their surrounding skin.
  • Nourishing them by quickly penetrating the skin to the nails’ roots while nourishing their main component, Keratin.

Now that you have learned more about how vital Nails Argan oil is for your healthy nails and cuticles check out more about this Organic Moroccan Argan Oil.




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