About Us

About Us

Moroccan Legacy Inc is a registered Canadian company since 2013. We created www.arganoilcreave.com to provide the best and the true information about Argan Oil, Liquid Gold of Morocco.

For centuries, Moroccan women have used organic Argan oil to protect, nourish, and enhance skin quality.

We have met many people in the last ten years and have always talked about how excellent Argan oil is. We started asking people what they mean about Moroccan Oil. Some describe it as having a perfume scent oil, and some describe it as a thick Oil for hair. So, we checked the community stores to verify what kind of Argan sold in the markets, which has made people think it is excellent Oil.

After our research, we found out that the Argan Oil they talked about is not 100% Argan oil. This is It has 95 % additives, and preservatives thick like honey and only about 5 % Argan Oil and the whole bottle is now called Argan Oil.

So from this experience, we realized that people are not getting what they were thinking was excellent Oil. First, because the quality is low, and the second, the price is so low that it does not reflect the actual value of Argan oil.

Extracting the Argan oil is a labour-intensive process using techniques passed down through the generations. This lengthy process warrants the actual high priced Argan oil value.